With a wide range of capabilities - from staffing, consulting and systems integration to outsourcing.

Some of the services we offer are:

     . Consulting
Project Management
Management Consulting
Technical Consulting


As the IT industry grows, so does its needs. It could be a birth of a new enterprise. Our consultants, with comprehensive and in-depth experience, are available for managing projects in the following areas:
• Business process analysis.
• Cost analysis.
• Feasibility studies.
• IT strategy development.
• Prioritization and cost justification of IT projects.

Project Management

We believe that the same size doesn't fit all. So, we provide project management custom-made based on your requirement. Our team works with you to determine the best solution to best fit your needs.
We start with identifying your business initiatives; your priorities and your staffing needs... and last but certainly not the least, costs.
Our Project Management team works in the following structure:

Understand your objectives

create an effective plan to deliver the desired results.

Identify and manage resources to achieve the targeted outcome - on time!

Bring in relevant experience, as required - increasing costs isn't our aim.

Deliver results within a set time frame and within budget!

During the final Delivery Phase, our team works along with your staff to collaborate and set in place the solutions you require and that suits your needs the best.

Management Consulting

Project Planning
Project Implementation
Project Management
Turnkey End-to-End Software solution
Process definition and

Technical Consulting

System Integration
Vendor Evaluation
Hardware Consultancy
Third Party Maintenance
Site Planning and Layout
Telecom and Networking solutions

Services > testing > overview

Everyone knows that testing should be built into project plans. You know the benefits of good testing as well as the drawbacks of testing too little or too late: rework, user dissatisfaction, poor performance, security breaches. But due to a race to get into production, testing often gets short-changed.

You know what’s missing is a good, effective, efficient resource — a partner that can use the power-tools, has the flexibility to work with your processes, and is a safe, cost-effective testing expert.

Our Testing Services

Testing at every stage ultimately minimizes time and costs. We offer...

• Unit Testing
• System Testing
• Performance Testing
• User Acceptance Testing


Our testing team can test manually and/or use automated tools. They bring to the project the technical know-how, understanding of business processes, and ability to 'drive it like a user'.

Our test group has…
• In-depth knowledge of ERP and CRM
• In-depth knowledge of systems that interact with Siebel
• Extensive experience and expertise in Siebel testing


Every Siebel project has unique aspects, especially when it integrates with other systems.


• map out the overall testing plans
• oversee the development of the initial unit and system test plans
• coordinate and report activities
• define and drive the performance and UAT phases
• use the leading automated tools
• develop manual testing protocols as needed
• develop and execute a testing protocol for a project performed by another provider
Cost Benefits

ARTEK has unmatched price points for services. And you can save up to 50% by testing at our state-of-the-art US-based Enterprise Software Center.